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Round the Footlights jacketRound the Footlights
(Published 2015)

The unofficial theatre tour

Britain has the most amazing collection of performance spaces. I have worked in the arts for over 40 years, and latterly undertook a joyous tour of them.

This is the story of my journey, from Scotland to the South West. The spaces which made the final cut are not all "top" theatres. They even include sporting stadia, a theatre in a barracks, allotments and a cathedral. I've asked others about their favourite performance spaces too - probably the biggest survey of its kind. Are you curious about which win out for Alan Ayckbourn, Gregory Doran, Tony Robinson, Harriet Walter and hundreds of others?

This unofficial tour has unexpected features, including poetry, recipes, farewells to the departed, such as Peter O'Toole, and research into the best ice cream flavours.

"A truly absorbing modern-day journey around Britain's much loved theatres, Mick Escott's book is packed full of personal reflections and stories, facts and observations. Recommended reading if you're planning to visit theatres."  Theatres Trust Magazine

"Surprising, charming and entertaining. A must-have for everyone who loves and values the theatre."  Stephanie Cole

"A very personal, and at times engagingly idiosyncratic odyssey around U.K. theatre venues by a writer who has spent a lifetime working in them. I have hugely enjoyed revisiting old haunts in Mick's company and gaining insights into many more that I have never encountered"  Andrew Hilton, Artistic Director, Shakespeare at the Tobacco Factory

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Round the Cloisters jacketRound the Cloisters (Published 2011)

49 Anglican cathedrals in England & Wales & the Isle of Man

There are 42 Anglican cathedrals in England and six in Wales, with degrees of fascination and beauty in every one. They are the best, and biggest, pieces of working art we have.

This original book will appeal to the curious tourist with a penchant for cathedrals or anyone who wants a good read. I met bishops and deans, organists and organ builders, and compiled league tables of favourite cathedrals, catering and cats. Well over a millennium of our civilisation is involved in this journey.

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Round the Turnstiles jacketRound the Turnstiles (Published 2008)

Football travels -
119 Grounds
in 45 Years

This work speaks of my mammoth journey, visiting all the 92 grounds in the English Football League, and more. It is essential for all football enthusiasts, its scope ranging from Fourth Division encounters in humble settings to major matches in the country's top stadia.

Round the Turnstiles is a celebration of English football, and includes appendices tracing the history of a vast array of clubs over the course of almost a century. These tabulations have proved very popular with readers for reference purposes.

Available now at the bargain price of £9.50! RRP £14.99, via the author.